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Throughout his prolific career, Scott Eastwood has already cemented iconic roles. Now, he's letting loose in the new film Wrath of Man. Correspondent Rachel Smith spoke with the star about his role and what fans can expect to see in this new project.

Playing the villain in this movie, Eastwood tells Smith about what it was like to be on the opposite end of being the good guy. He shares:

It's good to be bad...it was a really fun character to play. Being able to kind of let loose, morals didn't matter."

Smith goes that playing a villain might be better than paying for therapy, to which Eastwood joked:

"But you might need therapy afterwards!"
Wrath of Man marks the first time Eastwood has worked with Guy Ritchie. When asked about the collaboration, Eastwood shares:
"Everyday is a surprise. You don't know whats going to happen. So you can prepare as much as you want but when you get to set, he might tell you "That you prepped that you know and rehearsed, we're not doing it."

A rom com fan, Smith asked about whether Eastwood would reenter the film genre. Needless to say, Eastwood has never truly left.

"I'm shooting one right now. I haven't done one in almost six or seven years. I'm shooting one right now in Atlanta."

You can catch Eastwood in Wrath of Man in theaters now!

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