You never forget your first Purge. Five years after the The Purge kicked off an unlikely franchise, The First Purge, the fourth film in the series, takes us back to the beginning.

How did The Purge Start?

If you’ve seen any of the previous films, you have no doubt wondered how the shocking night-of-legalized-chaos started, and this prelude gives you the long-awaited answer.

A new cast leads us into the future with Marisa Tomei playing “The Architect” of the titular dystopian social correction mechanism. Her character is the mastermind behind the ritual that set the nation aflame, albeit once-per-year.

Set in the community of Staten Island with just eight participants, the people are divided amongst activists shining a light on the wrongness of this direction and those who welcome “The New Founding Fathers’” vision.

The First Purge begins July 4th.

What's Next for The Purge? 

If one day of Purging isn’t enough for you, The Purge will expand to your living room as a TV series on September 4th, premiering on Syfy and USA.

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