The Stars of Cobra Kai Open Up On "Surreal" Experience As The Show Becomes A Cultural Phenom! | CP

No surprise, Netflix's Cobra Kai has become a culture phenomenon! With the recent release of the third season, Rachel Smith chatted with the cast for a closer look.

With the surprising news that Cobra Kai was coming a week earlier that the top of the new year, fans can't stop talking about Cobra Kai!

The stars all gathered to chat with our Rachel Smith on the impact and positive reception the show has received.

"We are the show that I read articles on every other actor who's on like 'the show,' and they're like 'I just never saw this.' We never knew it was going to be this big. I feel very 'Game of Thrones-y' right now," Courtney Henggeler said.

Vanessa Rubio added:

"The fans are really embracing it, and it's world-wide. It's a really great thing to see it."

Cobra Kai is known for its action-packed content, but Mary Mouser shared that it wasn't all fun and games. The star told Smith the one karate move she had a difficult time mastering.

"I have had the hardest time with tornado kicks. You come in, you land on one foot, and then you bounce up with the other leg as you turn around and deliver the kick. My brain just can't compute it," Mouser said.

With so much recent success, one thing's for sure. The cast is just grateful to be a part of it!

Xolo Marduena said:

"We're all super appreciative of it, and we just hope to keep making the show for the masses."

You can stream season three of Cobra Kai on Netflix now!

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