The Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai, currently streaming on Netflix, is nominated for best comedy at the 73rd Emmy Awards. Our Rachel Smith sat down with the stars to break down the popularity of the show.

Cobra Kai is set 34 years after Daniel LaRusso's defeat in the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament. In this spinoff, Johnny Lawrence, who is now in his 50s, lives in Los Angeles. He has abandoned both his son Robby and his former girlfriend Shannon Keene as Robby's mother died shortly after giving birth.

Last season raised the stakes in terms of rivalry -- Johnny's new Eagle Fang dojo and Daniel's Miyagi-Do group are finally joining forces against John Kreese's gang. Cobra Kai's third season premiered at the beginning of this year and while the fourth season is set to be on Netflix by December, the series has earned an Emmy nomination for Best Comedy.

Courtney Henggeler, who plays Daniel LaRusso's wife and mother of Samantha and Anthony LaRusso shared her thoughts on realizing the show's success:

"We are the show that I've read articles on every other actor who's on the show and they're like 'I just never saw this' and we're living it right now. It just dawned on me this morning, we never knew it was going to be this big."

Vanessa Rubio, who plays Carmen Diaz, also spoke about the way fans have showed up for The Karate Kid's spinoff:

"It has been such a beautiful reception and it's really heartfelt. The fans are really embracing it, it's a really great thing to see it."

Smith then asked young actress Mary Matilyn Mouser about her feelings for witnessing celebrities tweet or post about the show she's part of:

"It's been so crazy, I remember everyone went a little crazy in the cast when Elon Musk was watching."

Tanner Buchanan talked about the pressure of remaining faithful to the original product while adding new elements.

"It's been incredible, we had a lot of fun on set, I had a lot of fun getting into the character and trying to give what everybody loved about the original but try to find something a little bit new. It would just give it that much of a difference, it was kind of nerve-wrecking trying to find a mixture to make everybody happy."

Cobra Kai will also participate at #TUDUM: A Netflix Global Fan Event on September 25th, which will give fans the opportunity to get exclusive content and more information on original titles and make sure to tune in on Sunday, September 19th for the 73rd Emmy Awards, airing at 8pm ET on CBS.

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