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The summer of '21 is bringing back live music!

Foghat is back and better than ever! The classic rock band just dropped a brand new live album, 8 Days on the Road.

Bryan Bassett, guitarist for Foghat, revealed the band's plan to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

"The end of our last tour, which was in 2020, we ended up playing it. [With] it being the end of the tour and with the 50th anniversary coming up, we figured why not take the opportunity to capture a live, intimate performance," Bryan Bassett said.

Fans can now expect to see Foghat in person as the band announced a new tour.

"We are just now starting to tour again. The year was tough for everybody, but everybody's so looking forward to getting back on-stage and bringing music to the people," Bassett said.

You can learn more and get tickets at Foghat's website.

Another band shining down on fans once again is Collective Soul.

Lead singer, Ed Roland, opened up on the band's slow year and turning to the music.

"Music always translates to any language. That's the strength of music and the beauty of it," Roland said.

The rockers are also traveling coast-to-coast to perform live for the first time since the pandemic began.

"They're starting to put shows together, and people will just scream 'Thank you for live music!'
Just to be out and about again was very special," Roland said.

You can learn more about Collective Soul's new music and check out their tour dates here.

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