Carl Reiner

It is difficult to think about comedy in Hollywood without a legend like Carl Reiner coming to mind. His legacy and achievements will continue to live on.

On Monday night, Reiner died in his home due to natural causes. Reiner was not only the producer and creator of The Dick Van Dyke Show , he acted, directed and won a Grammy for his comedy. Reiner also received 9 Emmys throughout the course of his career.

One of Carl Reiner's Final Tweets

Just three days before his passing, Reiner took to Twitter to tell his followers:

"Nothing pleases me more than knowing that I have lived the best life possible by having met & marrying the gifted Estelle (Stella) Lebost---who partnered with me in bringing Rob, Annie & Lucas Reiner into this needy & evolving world."

His late wife, Estelle Reiner, passed away in 2008 due to natural causes. Estelle and Carl were married for over 60 years.

Carl's Famous Son Pays Tribute To His Dad

Carl's Closest Friends and Collaborators Pay Tribute

Carl Reiner's lives on through his children Rob Reiner, Annie Reiner and Lucas Reiner. The world will never forget the impact he has made.

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