We've all had more than our fair share of video calls lately, from virtual happy hours with friends or family, to staff meetings and now school lectures. A lot of us are probably getting a little sick of the constant Zooming, Skyping, and Microsoft team-ing that can sometimes be long and boring, glitchy, or straight up awkward. But what if an Emmy winning talkshow host and former First Lady/Bestselling Author suddenly popped up in your video call?

That's exactly what a group of lucky "When We All Vote" volunteers got to experience, when Conan O'Brien appeared in their video meeting mid-discussion, leaving the young men and women shocked and speechless. Always quick with a joke, Conan looked around the screen and quipped that the rooms he was seeing needed to be cleaned up. And then he hit the volunteers with an even bigger surprise, by bringing in his good friend Michelle Obama, who helped launch the non-profit organization back in 2018.

Watch below as their faces light up, thrilled to get a visit from a woman they deeply admire. And while these volunteers certainly don't need any reminders about the importance of voting, Michelle made sure to use the late night appearance to thank them for their hard work, and encourage audiences at home to get informed, get registered, and get to the polls in November.

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