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We're getting answers about the COVID-19 vaccine with the first person to participate in the vaccine trial.

As the COVID-19 vaccine begins to reach the arms of millions of Americans, and with so many questions about the shot still in the balance, we're helping provide some answers by speaking with Jennifer Haller, who participated in the COVID-19 vaccine trial.

Discovery+ is rolling out the brand new special, The Vaccine: Conquering COVID, which dives into the intense process to create a vaccine in record time.

We were able to connect with Jennifer Haller, a tech worker from Seattle, about her experiences as one of the first individuals to participate in the highly publicized vaccine trials.

"It was a process and it was faster than usual, but it was done using all of the same safety protocols that you would except in a vaccine trial. There's signs that your body is reacting and your body is doing its job to recognize the vaccine and to prepare for protecting you when you're actually exposed to the virus."

When asked about those who might be opposed to the vaccine, Haller provides words of encouragement.

"As people see others getting the vaccine, people around them that they know and they're doing okay, I think people will want to choose to protect themselves."

The Vaccine: Conquering COVID is streaming now on Discovery+.

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