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The new Netflix comedy Country Comfort comes out this week, and correspondent Rachel Smith chatted with stars Katharine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian about the new series.

Rachel Smith has already watched the series and congratulated McPhee for having such strong comedic moments. McPhee replied:

"I wouldn't say I'm so funny off camera, I'm just more goofy."

Smith also spotted the nostalgic potential of the series where the audience feels embedded into the funny dynamics of the show. She then asked Cibrian if that aspect specifically drew him towards this project.

"Yeah and the country aspect of it: I get to play a cowboy set in Nashville!"

And kids made everything even funnier on set. McPhee said:

"Our youngest one on the set, Piper, is just like crazy about Eddie, so cute!"

Smith asked if being a mother figure to the kids in the series actually informed the next role McPhee is going to play.

"Yes, it did. It's a little different than a newborn, but I'm actually partial to newborn, so I think I've got all the practice that I need and just trying to get the sleep that I can get while I can."

This high energy comedy won't disappoint! Stream it March 19th on Netflix.

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