Cree Cicchino Takes Over Netflix With Two Big Projects! | Celebrity Page

Any aspiring actor wishes to land an acting job at 18-years-old, but Cree Cicchino is scoring multiple gigs!

Netflix has introduced a ton of young stars to the world. Now, Cree Cicchino is using her acting credits and social media following to take over Hollywood!

She's starring in not just one big Netflix project, but two. One project is a new movie alongside Joe Manganiello, and the other is a TV show next to Gabriel Iglesias!

First up, Cree recently starring in The Sleepover and chatting with Ricky Cornish all about it...

"I'm really excited. It feels like a really really long time ago that we shot it. It's my first film, I had so much fun doing it. I loved the cast," Cicchino said.
"It's about a young girl who discovers that her pretty mild-mannered, normal, stay-at-home mom is an ex-thief!"

But if Netflix aficionados keep scrolling on the homepage, then they might see Cree in the Netflix original series, Mr. Iglesias.

"There are some more 'Iglesias' episodes coming that will be dropped and probably a little bit sooner than people think. To have all of that going on at once is so wild."

You can stream The Sleepover and Mr. Iglesias now on Netflix.

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