Katherine Langford Takes on the Arthurian Legend in Netflix' "Cursed"

The legend of King Arthur has been offered in print and on both the big and small screen too many times to enumerate here. Some more successful than others...

The latest entry however, is unique in that it examines the tale from a different perspective, a female one. Most versions have focused on the boy-king, who drew the sword from the stone and united England in halcyon days of peace and prosperity. With his trusted advisor, Merlin and his noble Knights of the Round Table by his side, Camelot was a manifestation of light in the dark ages. Now, Netflix is taking on the saga with the adventure fantasy series, Cursed, which is told through the eyes of the teenage sorceress Nimue, played by Katherine Langford. Tasked with a dangerous quest, Langford who you may recall from Knives Out and 13 Reasons Why, is up to the task...

"It's very timely to just see a woman at the epicenter of this legendary tale..."

Different threads are interwoven into the story of Nimue's journey, including her relationship with the young mercenary Arthur, but the narrative is driven by the maturation and growth of Nimue's character as the story unfolds. Cursed, starring our #SeeHER Spotlight celebrity Katherine Langford is streaming now on Netflix.

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