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Dakota Fanning is on Shape Magazine's front cover and she is SLAYING it! We hear all about her self-care routines, views on success, and why she is the perfect cover star!

Dakota Fanning is the PERFECT cover star!

Sonia Isabelle chats with Pam O'Brien, the deputy editor of Shape Magazine, about Dakota Fanning gracing the July/August of Shape!

On why Dakota is perfect for this edition, Pam explains, "...she's fit, she's active, and she makes living a healthy life a priority. She's also really passionate about everything she does, from her work to her workout, so she's really inspiring for our readers."

The actress, boasting 40+ movies and television shows, has a portfolio to back her reputation of dedication. With Pam's insight into her self-care and views on accomplishing her goals, suddenly her prosperity makes sense! It's like she lives and breathes a constant recipe for success.

She is a great role model in terms of self-love. While she works hard, she does things her way, and it takes someone with great intuition and wisdom to know what works and what doesn't, and to then apply it in the best way. Dakota also knows how to keep an open mind to things outside her control.

This self-love translates to her workout routines, too!

Pam adds, "She really loves to do cardio bar, that's her favorite workout. But she's also learned that she needs to give her body a chance to rest and recover, too, and that's how she rejuvenates. So she takes the time out, too, when she needs it."

Her organization gives her room to make a self-care ritual: a daily bath. She's serious enough about it to do it every day, regardless of where she is. It shows that she's dedicated to herself!

She's not only dedicated to her career and herself, she is also dedicated to helping others. She has a history of volunteerism, and as of recent, she is an ambassador for Save the Children. What's not to love about her?



Be sure to check out Shape Magazine's July/August edition, on sale now!

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