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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin have been together for nearly five years under the public's nose. Despite their celebrity, the actress and Coldplay singer prefer to keep their personal lives private.

The two did not go fully public with their romance until last October, when Johnson attended the London show of Coldplay's "My Universe" tour. While debuting the new "My Universe" song, Martin pointed to Johnson in the balcony and proclaimed,

“This is about my universe. She’s here!”

Nearly nine months later, Johnson is opening up about their relationship. In an interview for the July cover of "Vanity Fair," she gave an inside glimpse into their lives together.

The couple now lives in Malibu together. As Martin surfs and Johnson swims, the location has been ideal for them and their succulent garden.

Because Martin shares two teenagers with Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnson says their blended family requires they guard their privacy. She also cites her own upbringing as being part of the reason she prefers her seclusion, explaining,

“Maybe I think about relationships like that differently because I grew up in my family."

Johnson is one of seven step-siblings, as well as a third-generation "Hollywood heroine." She elaborates that growing up in the limelight adds pressure to family dynamics.

"We were all cool. Obviously, there were times where it was not cool, but I experienced that, so I don’t want that in my life. I don’t want any kids to experience anything like that. It’s better to be kind, and it’s also really nice that everybody actually really loves each other and has each other’s backs."

With two famous parents, Johnson was constantly travelling between sets. She shares that she "didn’t complete a full year of school in the same place until the fourth grade," as her father was working on "Nash Bridges" in San Francisco and her mother was making "Tempo" across the globe in Paris.

“My life is incredibly lucky and privileged, and the life I led growing up was remarkable—the places I went and how we lived and what we were able to experience. But we also struggled with internal family dynamics and situations and events that are so traumatic.”

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