Danica McKellar Fights Heart Disease with Education

Epitomizing beauty and brains, actress and education advocate Danica McKellar showed off both at the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection fashion show event.

The goal of the event is to empower women to fight heart disease, which aligns nicely with McKellar's goal of encouraging women to take an active role in science and research.

“Women only makeup 20% of the STEM majors in college. Obviously, I do quite a bit for this myself. I write my math books, and, slowly but surely, we are empowering each other to lift up women and show them their potential.”

The American Heart Association and Verily joined forces in a program called Research Goes Red, which will encourage women to participate in research against their number one killer.

“I did not know that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women. That’s above and beyond all forms of cancer combined!”

Heart disease claims the lives of one in three women each year, but is largely preventable. It is for this reason that education is so important to the cause.

“Here’s the thing about cardiovascular disease — there’s something we can do about it! There’s so many questions about how to prevent cancer; we’re not sure. Cardiovascular disease? Yes. We know how to keep our hearts healthy.”

The American Heart Association's Watch Me campaign encourages women to practice healthy habits together, and McKellar has simple advice that everyone can practice.

“Eat healthy food, get moderate exercise, take care of yourself.”

Go Red in February

Stars and heart disease survivors come together to support the Red Dress Collection and American Heart Association's Go Red for Women, and it's easy for you to get involved and show your support.

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