Danielle Bradbery Drops New Country Single & Chats New Season Of 'The Voice' | Celebrity Page
Country fans better buy new boots for this bop!

Danielle Bradbery is strapping on new boots for her hot new single.

"It's called Stop Draggin' Your Boots. When I first heard the song, it definitely gave me major Shania Twain vibes. It feels good to listen to, which really stuck out to me when I first heard it. To see only in just a few days, it hit five million views... which is a lot of people! I'm going to say it's just going to get better from here, for everyone," Bradbery said.

OG fans of Danielle also remember her iconic run on the fourth season of The Voice. After all these years, the star is open to stomping her boots back on the stage if the opportunity presented itself!

"I definitely loved coming back when I did in the past. Hopefully I get to sing Stop Draggin' Your Boots on that stage, so let's put that out in the universe too!"

To see more of our interview with Danielle, including her thoughts on Ariana Grande joining the next season of The Voice, watch the full clip above.

Stop Draggin' Your Boots is available everywhere now.

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