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Constantine Maroulis and Nicholas Baroudi star in new thriller called Dark State and tell correspondent Rachel Smith all about it!

Since getting his big break on American Idol, Maroulis has come a long way, and now, he's ready to surprise us in this new upcoming thriller.

"There's so many great independent films out there right now, but what's so interesting about this one... is that it's just sexy. There's a lot of great female empowerment and you have an ensemble of actors that you may not have seen in everything before:"

Dark State is about a mysterious car crash where a rising star is the only survivor. Co-star Baroudi said that all the twists and turns of the movie kept him engaged and guessing the entire time, sharing:

"I think that's one of the really cool things about Dark State. You're flipping the page and then saying 'oh no way! What?!"

Maroulis fans are also holding their breaths with the possibility of a Rock Of Ages reunion. Maroulis was more than happy to share some big news.

"We're actually working on a big streaming concert with a lot of big names attached to it that will celebrate Rock Of Ages. I'm actually going to LA next month to film a big Rock Of Ages in concert experience."

You can watch Dark State on demand now!

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