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A new romantic comedy is headed to streaming, and film star David Koechner joined our Hollywood Insider and Endless Hustle Podcast host Arthur Kade to talk all about it.

The Right One asks that question we've all been wondering, Koechner included.

He said:

"It is a fun picture…[because] How do you find the right one?"

And while it might be centered around romance, the film is a feel-good watch for everyone.

Koechner told Kade:

"It's one where guys can go 'alright, alright. I'll watch it then."

Fans might recognize the star best for his role on The Office, an experience he still values greatly.

Koechner said:

"It is incredible… I still can't wrap my head around it. So I will get multiple stories like 'Oh my god. I've seen the series 9 times…And then people will go we just leave it on in the background. It's just always playing."

You can catch The Right One on Blue-Ray or On Demand now.

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