David Schwimmer Picks a Side on Friends’ “We Were on a Break” Debate

If you know Friends, then you definitely know the ongoing debate about whether or not Ross and Rachel were on a break. David Schwimmer virtually appeared on The Tonight Show last night to give his opinion on the debacle!

David Schwimmer spoke to Jimmy Fallon last night about his new show Intelligence, shooting the Friends reunion and of course, the Ross and Rachel fight. Schwimmer also discussed initially turning down the role of Ross. Schwimmer said,

"I had a miserable experience on my first job as a series regular just before 'Friends,' about a year and a half before. Luckily that show we only made 12 episodes and it was canceled. I felt like I was not invited to play, my ideas were not interesting or worth listening to. So, I was like I'm never doing another sitcom. I moved back to Chicago and I was doing theater with my company and then I got the call from my agent about 'Friends' and I just said no. Then I got a call from Jim Burrows and he said you got to come out and meet everyone. So, I went out and that's when Marta and David told me that they had written Ross with my voice in mind."

When Fallon asked him about whether he believed the two were on a break or not, Schwimmer quickly had the answer for him. He says:

"People are so passionately divided about whether or not they were on a break. It's not even a question. They were on a break."

'Friends' Reunion

As for the reunion special, Schwimmer told Fallon that it will be unscripted and have a few surprise bits. Production for it continues to be postponed due to the pandemic. Schwimmer says:

"We're going to wait and see another week or two if we all determine it's really safe to do. If not, we'll wait until it's safe."

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