'Days Of Our Lives' Bill & Susan Hayes Share The Secrets To Successful Marriage | Celebrity Page

The real-life married couple, who play Doug and Julie on the hit soap, are telling all!

Days of Our Lives is celebrating 56 years on NBC and this couple started it all!

Bill and Susan Hayes shared their first on-screen kiss back in 1970, making them the longest running TV couple.

"Billy and I are in love and are successfully in love after 47 years of marriage," Susan Hayes said.

Bill and Susan have launched a new project called Secrets of Soap Opera Lovers, which features interviews with the couple who have been married in real life since 1974. The project features streaming shorts focused on their secrets to a happy and fulfilling relationship.

"These are things that Doug and Julie do, but they're also the things that Bill and Susan do," Susan Hayes said.
"The most important secret is... give your lover an 'I love you kiss' first thing in the morning every day," Bill Hayes said.
"And at the end of the day, give your lover another kiss... just because! It puts the whole day bookended with love," Susan Hayes said.

You can watch the couple every weekday on Days of Our Lives on NBC. Plus, you can check out more of their tips at SoapOperaSecrets.com.

Fun facts:

  • At 96-years-old, Bill Hayes is the oldest living working actor in a television role and he's been acting longer on TV than any other actor... 73 years!
  • Susan on the other hand, is the longest running cast member on Days. Starting in 1968, she's been playing Julie Olson Williams for 53 years. She's the only actor to be featured on a TV show across seven decades.
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