Victoria Konefal Teases Possession Storylines Returning To 'Days Of Our Lives' | Celebrity Page
Victoria Konefal is giving fans a sneak peek on what's next for Ciara Brady.

Before Days of Our Lives reintroduces possession storylines, the show has already been making headlines for its spin-off Beyond Salem.

In the new series, Victoria Konefal teams up with Lisa Rinna on a mysterious investigation.

"Ciara is on a mission. She is in New Orleans for her honeymoon. Lisa Rinna, she plays Billie Reed, she finds me and they go on this spy mission posing as royalty to this party, to try and recover this missing gemstone," Konefal said.

But beyond her Salem mysteries, Victoria is teasing the horror in store on the daytime soap.

"I may know a little something about that. What I can say about it is... Ciara is closely entangled in all of that. It was really cool to be a part of it. Salem gets really creepy around October. Bad, bad, evil, evil evil energy is on its way to Salem."

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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