Diamond White Talks Buckingham Drama On #Bold & Mike Manning Chats Charlie & Claire On #Days! | CP

With the soap world taking tons of different turns this year, two young actors are teasing fans with upcoming drama in store.

Diamond White Brings Paris Buckingham To LA ☀️

Diamond White is one of the latest new stars to join CBS' popular daytime drama, The Bold and The Beautiful.

White plays the role of Paris Buckingham, the never before seen daughter of Wayne Brady's character, Reese Buckingham.

While her whereabouts may be unknown, White chatted with our social producer, Ricky Cornish, on Paris' mysterious background.

"Paris is always looking for the tea, it seems like. I'm sure there's a secret as to why she's popping up. No one even knew she existed, and it's a soap, so there's gotta be some backstory," White said.

You can watch Diamond's journey as Paris weekdays on The Bold and The Beautiful on CBS.

Mike Manning Stars As Charlie Dale In 'Days' 📺

Mike Manning is the new heartthrob joining the cast of NBC's longtime hit soap, Days of Our Lives.

The Emmy-winning actor and producer recently joined the show as new intern "Charlie Dale." Soon after his new internship, Dale begins a relationship with Claire Brady.

Manning exclusively teased new details on Dale's relationship and what fans can expect from this romance.

"I went in and I loved the character, I loved the role, I was really excited about it right away. He moves to town really wanting to do a good job at this internship. [He] meets Claire Brady and falls in love! For the fans that like that relationship, I think they can tell, there's a spark there and it's genuine," Manning said.

You can catch all of the juice storylines on new episodes of Days of Our Lives daily on NBC!

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