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Haymaker follows the life of a body guard who falls in love with a transgender singer amongst the world of Thai fighting. D.B. Sweeney sits down with us to talk Haymaker and his time working with Francis Ford Coppola.


D.B. Sweeney sat down with Celebrity Page's Arthur Kade to discuss the premise of the film.

"It's a body guard falls in love with a transgender singer and that is certainly in the movie, but there's a lot more layers and complexity to it."

The World of 'Haymaker'

Starring Nick Sasso, Haymaker follows the life of Nicky "Mitts" Malloy through his journey with Thai fighting.

Sweeney plays Mack Malloy and speaks of the project saying,

"I thought the project was so ambitious. The idea of like shooting in Thailand and Greece and New York and L.A. and, you know, the movie , it looks like a James Bond movie and they made it, you know, it's like less than two million dollars."

No Stranger to the Screen

Sweeney has been a part of multiple films and television series including The Cutting Edge (1992) and Eight Men Out (1988), the actor has worked alongside some of the greats.

Reminiscing on his time working with Francis Ford Coppola on Gardens of Stone (1987), Sweeney states,

"He wanted to give me confidence I think, so he asked me to be like an apprentice to him as he re-wrote the script in rehearsal and I was like, I couldn't believe it. I mean this is the guy, you know, who did 'The Godfather' and 'Apocalypse Now' and I'm sitting next to him."

Haymaker is now available for view On Demand.

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