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As the pandemic swept through the world this year, Deadliest Catch got hit with one of the hardest pandemic waves.

The series returns this year with a few key changes from previous seasons.

Along with high tensions out on the world, the whole world experiences loss and turmoil in multiple personal and professional situations.

"We're lucky to even have a season just last year, so we're all fortunate but you know, we were looking at a government shutdown, so we had no idea if we were even allowed to go fishing," Captain Sig Hansen said.

Friendly rivalry and adapting to extreme situations made the latest season of Deadliest Catch possible.

"We came up with a little plan. We took some of the old school out. I got Johnathan Hillstand [and] some of the guys to come and join us. They thought they were going to retire! It really worked out for the best! Honestly, it could have gone the complete opposite. After 17 years of 'Deadliest Catch,' it just takes a shutdown and that's it. So we were really lucky."

.You can watch Deadliest Catch Tuesday nights on Discovery.

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