Season 3 of Dear White People Out Now!

Netflix's Dear White People is such an important show because, although it is a comedy, there's more to it. It is a show that tackles important social issues, which for the cast, is an amazing opportunity.

For Logan Browning, who stars as Samantha, being a part of this show satisfies all the things she wants as an artist.

“To have your art be your activism, it just ends up fulfilling you in a way that you kind of always hope for as an artist… You hope what you are doing is meaningful,” Logan says.

Most people know Brandon P. Bell's character Troy for being constant eye candy, but this season may be different. He keeps his clothes on for once and starts to not listen to his father. Also changing a lot is Marque Richardson's character Reggie, who is now starting to find his voice, his village, and what he's passionate about.

Marque Richardson, Nia Jervier, and Brandon P. Bell at the Season 3 premiere party. PC: @dearwhitepeople

Newcomer to the cast is the lovely Yvette Nicole Brown who will be playing Coco's mom. Yvette says that her role helps Coco really understand why she fights against her "blackness" so much and why she is the way she is.

“She’s that last missing puzzle piece for who Coco is," Yvette says.

John Patrick Amedori also returning to the show, has now watched season 3 multiple times and it is "Amazing!"

“It’s a beautiful Chutes & Ladders of intertwining characters and stories. Everyone’s more trying to learn from each other and share that versus holding onto their own ideas, and letting that dictate how they go about things," John Patrick says.

Season 3 is out now on Netflix so get ready to binge!

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