Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has never shied away from talking about difficult topics. The "Sorry Not Sorry" artist delivered a politically-charged ballot of her new track "Commander in Chief" live at the BBMAs on Wednesday evening. The star called out President Donald Trump for his leadership.

While performing the global premiere of her new song, the word "VOTE" appeared largely behind her as a message to viewers at home to engage in the upcoming election on November 3rd.

After the show, Lovato released a music video to the single on YouTube, with many fans empowered by the compelling message.

Her music video featured a diverse look at the American experience, with a young black child, a Muslim man, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and a woman appearing in a wheelchair. Despite their different walks of life, they banded together to speak out against our divisive leader.

A man in a "Make America United Again" lip-synced to Lovato's voice:

"'Cause there are people worse who have suffered enough. Haven't they suffered enough?"

Lovato also called out the President for "shutting down systems for personal gain" and asking how it feels to "still be able to breathe," calling into question his response to the global pandemic and the rising Black Lives Matter movement.

The star posted to her Instagram feed urging viewers to vote.

She wrote:

"#CommanderInChief music video is out now🖤 I'm urging you to look out for one another, to support your loved ones, your neighbors, & those you may not have met yet in your community. Place your early votes, or show up to the polls on Nov 3rd. Visit for your voter info."

Lovato posted in another Instagram:

"Won't give up, stand our ground... We'll be in the streets while you're #CommanderInChief."

To register to vote, visit to have your voice heard in the presidential election only 19 days away.

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