Denise Richards

According to Variety, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards will exit the hit reality show after two seasons. The news comes shortly after this season's RHOBH reunion.

This past season with the Beverly Hills housewives has had its fair share of drama, especially with Richards. A main storyline of the tenth season explored the rumor that Denise Richards and costar Brandi Glanville had a one night stand, a rumor that Richards denies. However, during an episode, Glanville admitted to having a one night stand, and possibly more.

During the season finale, Richards visited Lisa Rinna at her home to discuss the matter. Ultimately, Rinna confronted Richards, causing a once stable friendship to turn sour. It's also safe to say that said sourness has spilled over into the rest of cast.

Bravo took to Instagram to announced Richards' departure.

Stay tuned to for more housewives updates!

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