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After getting engaged last November, Dennis Quaid married Laura Savoie in Santa Barbara on June 2nd in a beautiful secret elopement!

Quaid, 66, has been married three times before he met Laura Savoie at a business event in May 2019. The two were engaged five months later and had planned to wed in April in Hawaii with a second reception in Nashville. Due to the pandemic, these plans were postponed, causing the couple to elope instead in Santa Barbara at the beginning of June.

The newlyweds shared the story and photos exclusively with People, Quaid saying about his new bride:

"Just looking into her eyes, she was the most stunning bride. I just love who she is as a person. Her character, her intelligence, of course her beauty. And her point of view of the world."

Savoie, 27, also has many kind words about her new spouse to share:

"It's like nothing can bring him down. Just getting to do life with someone who lives that way is inspiring for me. It changes my perspective and it brings so much joy to every day."

Adding another achievement to his extensive career, Quaid recently started a podcast entitled The Dennissance. In a recent interview with Celebrity Page TV, he spoke about making the leap into the podcasting world:

"Two years ago, I had never listened to a podcast, to tell you the truth, and I became involved in one. It turned out that it was actually a great time to launch a podcast platform because no film sets are able to work right now and audio is where it's at."

Adding to the list of exciting things up ahead for Quaid, he is also set to play Ronald Reagan in an upcoming biopic.

You can read the full story and see all the exclusive photos of the nuptials here. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

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