Derek Hough

Dancing with the Stars champion Derek Hough is back with his latest dance production. Entitled "Derek Hough: No Limit", this upcoming masterpiece will premiere at the one-of-a-kind performance venue at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas.

Derek Hough is world-renowned for his mastery of the dance medium. He comes from a long line of dancers, and his parents met while they were part of the same ballroom dancing team in college. When they separated, Hough was sent to London, where he spent the next 10 years studying dance, song, and theater. Upon returning to the United States, he won a series of dance awards, coached the winning ice dancers for the 2014 winter Olympics, competed repeatedly on Dancing with the Stars, received nine Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Choreography, and served as a judge on NBC's World of Dance alongside Jennifer Lopez. He even reached the New York Times Best Seller list with his autobiography Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion.

Now, audiences will have the chance to behold his majestic motion firsthand in a production that explores the interplay between footwork, melody, and body language. Hough will boldly navigate the blurred line where music ends and dance begins through an innovative mixture of elegant ballroom, bodacious tap, zesty salsa, and hip-hop. Tickets go on sale to the general public at 10 AM PT on July 26th.

"Derek Hough: No Limit" begins September 22nd, 2021, with sporadic performances until the 21st of November.

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