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The final episode of Dickinson 's second season is now streaming on Apple TV+! We're taking a closer look with the cast of the hit series.

The Second Two Conclusion of 'Dickinson' 📺

Dickinson is the story of poet Emily Dickinson, with the show tackling comedy, thriller and an LGBTQIA+ love story.

Game of Thrones star, Finn Jones, leads alongside Hailee Steinfeld in the series and chatted as to why the show is very appealing.

"It's really wonderful to be able to tell stories for people to not only be entertained by, but also to hopefully learn about different perspectives in the world. Like, 'Dickinson' is ultimately a queer story, and it's wonderful to see that taking precedent in the series and hopefully opening up that wall for other viewers around the world who don't get to see that story told as often as it should be," Jones said.

Queerness, women's independence and femininity are the roots of the show themes, despite being set in Civil War times. Toby Huss, who plays Edward on the show, discussed the modern relevance of the program.

"I think in some ways there are direct correlations to where we are now politically in the United States with what was happening in the late 1850s or 1860s," Huss said.

The show was so popular with fans, that it's already been renewed for a third season! Pico Alexander, who plays Ship, spoke on his excitement for what's to come.

"Normally with shows that I like, the third season, fourth season... they really find their groove. This season was a little horror-y, a little bit of a thriller vibe to it, so let's see what the third one does."

Go check out the first two seasons of Dickinson, streaming now on Apple TV+!

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