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Dickinson is returning to your TV screens! Star and producer Hailee Steinfeld is talking with Celebrity Page correspondent Rachel Smith for today's cover story.

'Dickinson' Season 2 Trailer

It's the hit series about the beloved 18th century poet with a modern twist. Dickinson and its star Hailee Steinfeld are developing a massive fanbase on social media.

Smith asked Steinfeld:

"You have such an adoring fanbase...this series as a whole has such a following. What do you think it is about this version of 18th century poets that is so connected?"

The Dickinson star shared her insight on the viewer infatuation with the Apple TV+ series.

"I think it has such a fun, modern twist to it that makes it feel so relevant and relatable. I love that this show for me has challenged the way I think about certain things."

The challenges of fame, one of the key themes of season two, is something this young singer and actress can certainly relate to.

"It's a very interesting thing and an interesting conversation to have. I think even now with fame being so easily achievable, it's something that a lot of people are thinking about. It's a whole journey of questions that Emily this season is trying to find the answer to."

The rest of the cast enjoy the show's success and also the positive response from the LGBTQ+ community to its representation of one of the love stories from this literary legend.

The show's Ella Hunt who portrays Sue Gilbert shares with CPTV:

"It feels so special, and for me as an individual working on a show like this, it's been hugely empowering in my own sense of self."

And for fans, and for fans, this modern day storytelling is pure poetry.

You can now stream the first three episodes of Dickinson on Apple TV+.

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