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After a decade-long hiatus, Dinner: Impossible made its way back to Food Network for another season.

Robert Irvine, celebrity chef and star of the show, started making episodes 14 years ago in 2007, but after three years the show stopped after his 8th season in 2010 due to the physical and mental challenges he had faced during the seasons.

Now after ten years, Food Network picked back up with season 9 making an all new season with different challenges, recipes and locations.

In January Irvine tweeted the news of coming back to the air saying "You asked for it, you got it." The season aired on March 11th on Food Network.

"It's bigger. It's better. It's tougher, it's more intense. I'm older. I don't think I'm smarter," Irvine said jokingly to CPTV correspondent Rachel Smith.

In a promotional video for the show, Irvine is on the phone with his producers where he is receiving the news for the first time that he is going to Hawaii to start filming the impossible challenges.

"I gotta tell you, I didn't know that phone call was coming in as a truth," Irvine said. "I wanted to do the show and I even was pestering them to pick it up or let me take it somewhere else because I really want to do the show and all in the background they were planning and I had no idea."

This season is filled with many culinary challenges for Irvine to face that involve making a meal with many obstacles made by the producers and also delivering the meal before the time is all out. The season takes place in the sunshine of Hawaii.

The hardest circumstances get turned into a 5 star meal. for reference, in a previous episode Irvine had too feed 250 rollercoaster riders at Six Flags Great America while only using the food options that were reachable in the park.

Irvine is also in another spin-off koi this show that started airing in 2011, Restaurant: Impossible.

All new episodes of Dinner: Impossible air Thursdays on Food Network at 10 pm E.T right after Restaurant: Impossible that airs at 9pm E.T. You can find the previous seasons and current episodes on Discovery+.

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