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It’s deja vu in Disney Channel’s newest original movie.

Christmas...Again?! is a comedy that follows 11-year-old Rowena as she finds herself stuck in a time loop on Christmas. Ro wishes to Santa that she can have another chance at Christmas to keep her divorced parents together, and chaos ensues. Believe it or not, this is the first Christmas Disney Channel Original Movie in a decade. The last time Disney Channel released an Original Movie about Christmas was in 2011 for Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! This time around, Disney Channel is getting fans back into the holiday spirit, a decade later.

The new Disney Channel Original Movie comes with a new generation of Disney Channel stars. Rowena is played by rising star Scarlett Estevez who Disney Channel viewers may recognize as Gwen in Bunk’d. Estevez had this to say about the DCOM:

“I think I can officially say that this was one of the craziest movies that I filmed. There were just so many different things that went on during this movie. It was so much fun to be a part of.”

Her co-stars include Daniel Sunjata and Alexis Carra who play her parents. We connected with Carra to learn more about the holiday movie.

“I think that the energy of the movie is about a family that has changed shape and is coming back together. That is what the magic is about. It’s like learning these lessons, life is messy, and holidays can be messy, but at the end of the day we come together. I think the concept is brilliant to be honest because it’s so simple but hilarious.”

But Christmas Again isn’t just another old fashioned holiday movie; It’s full of diversity too. Many communities are represented from the black community to the LGBTQ+ community to the Latinx community.

Carra continued: “A blended family, I think it’s awesome that Disney gave the space for that.” Estevez added: “For Latinx people to be able to watch this movie and have a Christmas movie with representation. I just think that’s so cool and I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of this movie.”

Christmas...Again?! hits Disney Channel and Disney+ Friday, December 3rd.

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