The Disney Magic

When the pandemic took a turn for the worse in March of 2020, Disney stoically stopped their splendiferous seafaring service until the situation could be solved. Now, at long last, Disney Cruise Line is back in business.

Disney announced their triumphant return with a voyage of their fleet's pride and joy, the Disney Dream. The ship will launch from Florida's Port Canaveral on a four-day cruise to Castaway Cay, a private island in the Bahamas owned by the Disney Cruise Line. Vaccination is not required, but passengers must produce negative results on a COVID-19 test at the port and face masks will be required in most areas of the ship.

Since most of the passengers will be children under 12 (who therefore cannot be vaccinated), Disney has implemented several new features in order to counteract the danger and entice customers. Cancellation fees have been relaxed and refunds are available under certain circumstances, hand sanitizer stations have been zestfully installed throughout the ship and island, and ship capacity has been reduced from its usual maximum of 4,000 passengers to allow for more social distancing. The Disney Dream even underwent a simulated two-day cruise with 300 cruise employees, in order to test the ship's coronavirus countermeasures (and to comply with CDC requirements). A previous test cruise was cancelled after several employees tested positive for COVID-19.

If this voyage is successful, many more will follow in the near future, including several from the Disney Dream's sister ships, the Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, the Disney Magic has been offering cruises to British citizens for several months.

Tickets are available on the Disney Cruise website.

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