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The newest series on Disney+ is scoring a three-pointer!

Big Shot follows college a basketball coach, played by John Stamos, who gets fired from his high-end job and settles for his new position at an elite all-girls private high school.

Yvette Nicole Brown plays John's boss and the principal of the high school.

"It is the best job ever. John is silly, fun, smart, charming. Some days it's a sports drama. Some days it's a family dramedy, somedays it's a slapstick comedy."

Big Shot comes from producer David E. Kelley, who is well known for other series like Big Little Lies and Boston Legal.

Leading lady Jessalyn Gilsig explained how the show acts as a crossover of Kelley's previous work and family-friendly themes.

"I think the Disney of it... is sort of the brand that lets you know that as a family, it's safe to sit down and watch. But, I feel like the David Kelley of it and the John Stamos of it tells you, like, it'll have some sort of under current of adult themes, and if you're really listening, you'll get to enjoy."

The young stars who make up the talented basketball team also opened up on the importance of representing female athletes on screen.

"In terms of like, media, we want more. The women deserve more. They put in a lot of effort, they put in a lot of hard work, and I feel like our show is a great opportunity to shed more light on basketball in particular," Monique Green said.

Don't miss this talent cast in Big Shot, streaming now on Disney+.

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