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The popular series; Diary of a Future President just dropped a full season of brand new episodes.

Actress Tess Romero plays middle school student Elena Cañero-Reed who confides in her beloved diary. Little does she know, she's destined to become the future president of the United States.

"It's a girl in middle school; she's just going through normal middle school kid things, just navigating growing up and all that fun stuff, but one day she becomes the president," Tess Romero told Celebrity Page about the show.

Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez plays a future version of Elena who appears to her in the series and gives guidance.

"It's an amazing experience. I'm so glad I got to work with Gina," Romero said of working with Rodriguez.

Diary of a Future President

Charlie Bushnell plays Elena's older brother Bobby on the show and has an interesting character arc of his own.

"At first, things don't really go his way or how he had hoped, but yeah, I mean, Bobby's story is really, really great this season. I'm excited for people to watch it," Bushnell said of Bobby in the second season.

Apart from depicting the highs and lows of middle school, Diary of a Future President is also bringing diversity, as it is focused on a Latinx family.

"It's a family show for every family, and also, to represent the Latino culture in a positive light is just so refreshing," Selenis Leyva, Elena's mom on the show, told us.

Michael Weaver plays Elena's mother's boyfriend in the series and told us more about the show's significance.

"It has some themes that are very meaningful, and then there's this goofiness to the show and this optimism that I think is infectious," Weaver said.

The show's writer and creator, Ilana Peña, described season two best by saying:

"I hope people like it. They're going to laugh. I think they're going to cry but in a good way."

Diary of a Future President season two is now streaming now on Disney+.

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