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Returning to Vegas to begin his new residency, Donny Osmond is heading back to the stage, but this time, without his sister Marie.

Donny's new solo show features a variety of entertaining segments, ranging from a rap about his rises and falls through stardom to a beautiful tribute paid to his sister and former music partner, Marie.

Touching on Donny's rap in his show, he actually disclosed that this is the most technically challenging part of his performance.

"It's probably one of my favorite parts of the show. It's pretty difficult because it gets so fast, but it's funny. I mean there are places where I talk about my failures and the successes," Osmond said.

Donny also shared that his tribute to his sister is the most integral part of the show.

"I said the first thing I want to do in this show is a tribute to Marie because we have such a bond together and for eleven years I worked with that talented young lady. I went through every second, every moment of those 'Donnie and Marie' shows we did in the 70s and I found those little sweet spots."

Donny's new Vegas show is the epitome of bittersweet, celebrating a 60 year career full of entertainment and talent. He certainly has endless memories of his time in the entertainment world, and it's even more memorable that he is able to cherish those moments with fans.

Tickets for his Vegas show are still on sale.

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