Dr. Drew


Drew Pinsky, popularly known as Dr.Drew, has announced that he has received a positive diagnosis for Covid-19.

Dr.Drew's Announcement

Pinsky took to Instagram to tell fans about testing positive. In his caption he wrote:

"Cheers to the New Year with some Hydralyte for Covid-19. Drew tested positve day 4 and @firstladyoflove is negative. #2020 #covid19 #youlive. Drew is home, under survelliance and fever is down. Thanks Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Yo and Dr. Jeff for the superior care and advice. Drew is feeling better and will hppefully get well soon."

Susan Sailer Pinsky

Susan Sailer Pinsky, Dr.Drew's wife, also took to Instagram to share a photo of her husband as well as how he is moving along. She shared:

"Someone got a buggie! #happynewyear2021 Only Georgina will touch him."

Earlier in the year. the doctor received backlash for making comments regarding Covid-19 and his thoughts that it was not as serious as people were making it out to be. About a month later, he posted a video on youtube apologizing about those comments and stating:

"My early comments about equating coronavirus and influenza were wrong. They were incorrect. I was part of a chorus that was saying that, and we were wrong. And I want to apologize for that."

We are wishing Dr. Drew Pinsky a speedy recovery!

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