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TLC's pop star is back and juicier than ever!

Dr. Lee is ready to squeeze!

The doc is opening up on her latest round of patients that need help with the craziest skin issues around.

"We all have had that feeling of just feeling embarrassed or shrinking away in a corner or not wanting to go somewhere, because you just didn't feel confident with yourself. Can you imagine feeling that every single day of your life? You can't even go to the store," Dr. Lee said.

Along with the intense pops, Dr. Lee reveals the personal stories will reel audiences in like never before.

"It is true that, once they get to see me, they make me realize I've got to do something, because I feel like in many ways I'm their last resort."

However, for the squeamish people out there, the reality star encourages naysayers to give the show a chance, as many people are afraid to come forward with their skin insecurities.

"[The fans] are there for the story. They're there for the people because it's so interesting that something that is "gruesome" or "shocking" becomes something so beautiful, and it's worth it. It's like riding a roller coaster or watching a scary movie. You've got to have that tenseness to get to the good part, to really appreciate the good part."

New episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper air Wednesday nights on TLC.

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