Drew Barrymore, who previously announced that she is taking an indefinite break from acting has now unveiled her new lifestyle quarterly magazine, DREW. The talk show host's magazine which has been nearly two years in the woks will be dedicated to love, beauty, and fun.

Barrymore shared with ET the content fans an expect when reading the magazine:

"There are no rules. There's a ton of amazing contributors that give incredible life advice," the editor-in-chief shared. I wrote the big center article on the pursuit of happiness and what we think that means," Barrymore added. "One of the things that actually almost takes up the first half of the magazine is a ton of shoppable stuff. I really like learning about beauty, furniture, design, travel and I want you to tell me everything...I really want a lot of shopping ideas and new products in every kind of area of life."

Barrymore took to Instagram to proudly show off the finished product writing:

Barrymore added that the magazine will be an extension of topics she discusses on her The Drew Barrymore Show, with a column where she can answer questions and give advice readers have. The magazine will also include recipes, guides and round-ups put together by her contributors and editorial team, as well as personal stories from Barrymore, and product-focused for her love of shopping and beauty.

"I know there will be an inherent identity to this magazine that is very commercial and very personal," Barrymore said. "Those are the two things that I think are our strongest point of view right now and our optimism. I call our show optimism TV. This is an optimism magazine."

The magazine debuted yesterday exclusively at Walmart and will hit newsstands nation wide next week.

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