Earth day is a day everyone sits back and appreciates the land that we live on. What is a better way to do that than to learn more about the earth and all it has to offer? Well, there are documentaries and shows to watch that can give you all the answers. Today, shows and docuseries were brought to watch in honor of earth day. Let's look at the list!

The Secrets of the Whales from National Geographic is one of Disney+ newest additions to the platform is streaming now! This show brings the life out of whales and really drags the view along on the journey. If you want a show that will blow your mind and give you and inside look of what a whales life entails, this is your spot! What are you waiting for? Get whale watching!

PBS has teamed up with one national activist who is determined to change the route of global warming. Greta Thunberg explains her mission and everything she has seen first-hand that is affecting our climate change. This docuseries is available to watch on PBS and Youtube TV. Check your local listings.

If that wasn't enough PBS Nature for you, then here is another show. Sharks of Hawaii is PBS new series about sharks in the Hawaiian waters and everything they have to over come. This one will teach you in the ins and outs of a sharks life that just might make you jump a little. You can watch on PBS app now and see a new episode every Wednesday on PBS. To find more earth related earth shows go to the PBS website.

The peaceful sounds of nature with the blissful colors of the earth make a perfect match while David Attenborough is the narrator. His new documentary has come out on Netflix today called Life in Color With David Attenborough. This new docuseries is three episodes long and will bring us along on his ride through the rainforest, the ocean and so much more. A man with a lot of wisdom and humor is a great mix. Watch on Netflix now.

Cher and the Loneliest Elephant

Cher is taking a transition and making her mark in the earth category. Cher and the loneliest Elephant will be showing her mission to bring an elephant out of confinement and into the free land. Across Asia and into the wilderness, Cher is giving her helping hand and taking us along for the ride. Watch her heartwarming story streaming on Paramount+ or cable on the Smithsonian Channel on your local listing.

Run to Discovery tonight to watch a one-hour long special featuring some of the nations most influential people. Some including Kamala Harris, Deb Haaland and Al gore. This show will bring light to the action that this planet needs to take to be healthy and the importance of climate change. For more information go to Discovery Plus. It stream tonight at 10 p.m. on Discovery.

There are shows going on all day today, from streaming services to live videos to YouTube to cable. The list goes on. Get out there and show your support for this one planet Earth that we live on. Happy Earth Day!

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