Sydney Sierota Talks Echosmith's New Album 'Lonely Generation' & Collabing With Steve Aoki! | CPTV

The lead singer chats all about the projects keeping her busy in 2020.

Echosmith Kicks Off 2020 With 'Lonely Generation'

Sydney Sierota has been Echosmith's lead singer for an incredible 14 years... at just 23-years-old!

The family band has created some lovable hits, including "Cool Kids," "Bright," and "Let's Love."

Earlier this year, Echosmith dropped Lonely Generation, an album that foreshadowed the loneliness that many people are experiencing in quarantine.

Sierota hopped on Zoom to chat with Ricky Cornish all about the new album:

"It literally couldn't be more accurate," Sierota said. "It's never not going to be relatable because people in general, all over the world, feel loneliness, but this has just made it so apparent in all of our lives."

The singer also released new music of her own by collaborating with Steve Aoki on their new banger, "New Blood."

"He always just puts out great music and does so many awesome collabs, so I was just so honored to be one of them."

You can download Echosmith's new album, Lonely Generation, today.

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