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A stacked resume and new book? As if!

From 'Clueless' to 'Beverly Hills 90210,' Elisa Donovan has an impressive resumé with a ton of teenage drama!

''It's so embedded in who I am. Every day someone's sending me a meme from something, this and that and I'm like, I've seen it!"

It's at this stage of her life, after some life-changing events have taken place, including the death of her father, that have given the busy actress pause and time to reflect. The result of her introspection and self-examination has produced her new book, "Wake Me When You Leave," which is a deeply personal exploration of dealing with grief, adversity and finding peace and stability when faced with difficult circumstances.

''It's about the challenges in life and grief and moving through it and the afterlife and how my artistry has played into all of that, so I feel like it's my whole heart just put right out there."

Sharing such a personal memoir is something that Elisa isn't taking lightly. It's her hope that people who read about her experiences can discover how to find comfort and understanding and ultimately to find joy in their lives.

"Wake Me When You Leave" is available now everywhere books are sold.


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