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Hulu released the thrilling first teaser for the limited series The Girl From Plainville, starring Elle Fanning as Michelle Carter.

Hulu's limited series "The Girl from Plainville" looks at the events surrounding the "texting-suicide" that took place in 2004. Michelle Carter was charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the death of then-boyfriend Conrad Roy III for messages that Carter sent to encourage Conrad to take his own life.

Elle Fanning is bringing Michelle Carter's case to the small screen.

The teaser begins with Carter tearfully telling her parents, "Conrad's dead," before we see dozens of text messages she sent boyfriend Conrad Roy (Colton Ryan) encouraging him to take his life.

"What motive could she possibly have for telling him to kill himself?" a voice wonders as footage rolls of Carter dodging the paparazzi and running on a treadmill. The teaser's final frame is a close-up of Carter in a courtroom, showing how Fanning transformed into the character with much darker, thicker eyebrows and a honey-blond hair color that subtly contrasts her usual platinum.

At her trial back in 2017, Carter was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Still, she was released after less than a year, with prison officials citing good behavior. At the time, sheriff spokesperson Jonathan Darling said in a statement,

"Michelle has earned enough time off her sentence to be able to end her sentence on January 23. She's attended programs, she's had a job, she's been polite to our staff and volunteers, and she gets along with the inmates. There have been no disciplinary problems with her whatsoever, and she's been a model inmate in here at Bristol County."

Hulu's take on the story will hit the streamer on March 29, 2022.

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