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After over 3,000 episodes, Ellen Degeneres has ended her long-running talk show "The Ellen Degeneres Show." She plans to follow Oprah Winfrey's advice.

“Don’t do anything for a year," Winfrey told the talk show host. "No matter how good the offer is, just sit for a year.”

Degeneres opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about her her decision to "sit still," saying,
“The incredible offer right now that I actually got several months before I finished. It’s really, really hard to say no to and I’m asking to delay it because I am really trying to sit still.”
This will be Degeneres' first self-imposed break. (She took a three-year break in '98, after coming out in '97. She was starring in her own sitcom "Ellen" at the time.)

The star got vulnerable as she addressed her 2020 workplace scandal, which had lasting effects on her show. She shared,

“I have to just trust that whatever happened during that time, which was obviously very, very difficult, happened for a reason. I think that I learned a lot, and there were some things that came up that I was shocked and surprised by. It was eye-opening, but I just trust that that had to happen.”

For the next year, Degeneres plans to travel and enjoy her time, saying,

“Three years at the time seemed like an eternity but, looking back on it, it was a blip, and so I can do one year. I’m going to start traveling in a couple of weeks and try to enjoy my time.”
The final episode of "Ellen" will air today 3 p.m. EST after 19 seasons.

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