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It's the beginning of the fall TV season, which means daytime TV hosts are returning to the studio. We're joined by US Weekly correspondent Christina Garibaldi for the latest updates.

First up, Ellen DeGeneres is coming off the infamous studio and workplace controversy. Amid the scandal, Ellen is returning to the studio for one final season. Garibaldi tells us that season 19 will feature a fully vaccinated studio audience, and Ellen's first guest ever in Jennifer Aniston will be here first guest for the season premiere.

Now that season 19 is here, Ellen teased the finale of the show by releasing a clip of her staff jokingly breaking down the studio.

Next up, Kelly Clarkson is entering season three of her hit daytime talk show. The new season follows Clarkson's high profile divorce from Brandon Blackstock. Garibaldi tells us that the American Idol alum has to dish out a whopping $150,000 a month to her ex-husband!

Lastly, Garibaldi gives us an update on newlyweds Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton! According to sources, Shelton is thrilled to be married again! A source even told US Weekly that the couple plan to never be apart for more than two weeks. Talk about commitment!

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