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Adding to their list of exciting releases debuting this October, Netflix has dropped their new comedy series, Pretty Smart. Rachel Smith recently interviewed the cast of the new series.

This new sitcom focuses on the humor that Gen-X seemingly gravitates toward, while also pulling on the traditional elements of classic multi-cam sitcoms like Cheers and Seinfeld. Pretty Smart stars Emily Osment, who we all know from her staple appearances on Hannah Montana and Young and Hungry.

Osment stepped outside of her comfort zone for her new role, playing studious and serious Chelsea, who moves in with her sister only to be off-put by her apparently self-absorbed roommates.

In our interview with Osment, we talked with her about what it was like playing an intelligent blonde for the first time.

"That's what originally attracted me to this. I can't remember the last time I was offered to play a role of an intelligent blonde, that's always nice," Osment said.

We also asked Osment, along with her fellow costar Olivia Macklin, who some of their inspirations are when it comes to intelligent and empowering women in film and television.

For Osment, her big feminine inspiration actually comes from another queen of sitcoms.

"Diane from 'Cheers' I think I pulled from a lot for this, this role," Osment said.

For Olivia, her inspiration comes from everyone's favorite on-screen doctor, Ellen Pompeo.

"Ellen Pompeo I think is one of the most badass women on the planet and I just started listening to her podcast. That woman is like running Hollywood...I think she's out of control, she's so cool, I could talk about her for ages," Macklin said.

Macklin also touched upon another one of her big inspirations.

"I love Julie Bowen, she directed me in an episode of a show, our shows were sister shows, 'Modern Family' and 'Ellie to Vegas', and she's so smart and also another badass, so cool, and I just love a funny lady."

Rachel also had the chance to speak with another star of Pretty Smart, Greg Sulkin, joking about his charming good looks in the series.

"You know what's, uh, what's funny, every single one of my friends has been winding me up, for about, you know, since they saw the trailer and said 'oh, it's CGI, CGI' and I laugh but deep down I'm like 'no, I did actually work very hard.;"

Make sure to catch a glimpse of Sulkin's stunning character in Pretty Smart, now streaming on Netflix!

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