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'The Waltons' star talks impact on her and her activism

TV legend and record-breaking Emmy winner, Michael Learned, is starring in a new film with a message that's more relevant than ever.

Michael Wins Her First Emmy in 1973

Michael Learned earned her first Emmy award playing everyone's favorite mom on The Waltons. The show ran for nearly a decade in the 70s and cemented Learned as a TV legend. She shared with us the impact the show had on her:

"We never thought for a minute that it was going to become what it became now of course I feel incredibly humbled and grateful to have been part of it but at if I'd known it was going to go on as long as it did I wouldn't have taken the job. For all those years we've remained close and friends as a second family."

Learned, not resting on her past success, is now receiving praise for her latest film Second Acts. She tells us:

"It's a love story about two people who loved each other as children."

Her Brand New Film

The new movie also tackles racism head on with an interracial couple's love story. Learned shares:

"We're absolutely colorblind until her father who was a racist decided to separate them and not let them be together anymore."

Learned is also hitting the streets with her granddaughter to protest and demand change for Black Lives Matter:

"I do protest brutality and I believe that George Floyd was tortured to death and that's not okay. I don't care what color he is you know black, white it was torture , it was murder, and it was brutal."

An important message at an important time. You can stream Second Acts now on Amazon Prime Video.

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