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The spotlight is on E'myri Crutchfield for the fourth season of Fargo on FX.

E'myri plays Ethelrida Pearl Smutney, a young teen whose family owns a funeral home. We can expect she will have lots of run-ins with the mafia.

The rising star opens up on the importance of learning all aspects of history, with shows like Fargo showcasing important events that led society to where it is today.

"The biggest thing people need to take away, which I'm actually taking away myself, is to learn your history. Learn where you come from. In this show, history is a big thing, and that's a big thing that Ethelrida's trying to solve," Crutchfield said.

FX also brought in some other big stars to spread awareness in Fargo, including Chris Rock! Click below to see what E'myri had to say about working with the star.

Chris Rock To Play Mafia Boss In The New Season Of 'Fargo'

Fargo is set in Kansas City during the 1950s and two mob families have drawn up a truce but are struggling to maintain it, with Chris Rock playing the mafia boss, Loy Cannon.

Crutchfield spoke with us about what it is like to work with a big name like Chris Rock.

"Of course I was nervous as heck and he made me feel so comfortable. He was like relax, like you got this, and I'm like you're right I do have this, why am I freaking out?"

Don't miss Rock and Crutchfield in season four of Fargo Sundays on FX.

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