Disney's 'Encanto' Encourages Women To Use Their Voices | Celebrity Page

Disney's new animated film, Encanto, is the latest to bring representation straight to screens.

Encanto follows the journey of a young Colombian woman named Mirabel Madrigal who is trying to find her place in the world.

As the only one in her family not gifted with special powers, Mirabel has to determine what makes her unique when her family's powers become jeopardized. Now having to save her family and her house from destruction, Mirabel discovers that her inner strength is her true gift.

Jessica Darrow plays Luisa Madrigal and shared the importance of Mirabel's journey for women across the globe.

"This movie is about family, but it's also about finding your role within your family that's not only your actual blood family... but your chosen family and then hence the world. Don't be afraid to be you," Darrow said.

Mirabel's journey in identifying her innate power is what makes Encanto so encouraging while also delivering representation to the Latinx community.

"Mirabel's search for her gift is very much what all women do, what a lot of people do in this country, but it's such a specific journey for women in particular. 'Am I enough without the roles that society has placed on me? How about just me and my heart alone?" Darrow said.

Encanto premieres this Thanksgiving.

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