Millie Bobby Brown & Helena Bonham Carter Add a Female Narrative to the Sherlock Holmes Chronicles

Legendary private investigator Sherlock Holmes is about to be schooled by his younger sister Enola. What? You didn't know there was another budding sleuth in the Holmes clan?

Let me introduce you to Enola Homes, younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Based on the young adult novels by Nancy Springer, "Enola Holmes" brings to life the teenage gumshoe who has led a sheltered life in the shadow of her two older brothers. The story follows sixteen year old Enola as she begins to investigate the strange disappearance of their mother, finding her own path as a young woman while keeping one step ahead of Sherlock and Mycroft who plan to send her off to boarding school.

Enola is played by Millie Bobby Brown, star of the popular hit series "Stranger Things." Taking on the role of the Holmes matriarch, Eudoria, is the accomplished actress Helena Bonham Carter who had this to say about the strong female character represented by Enola:

"The choice of Millie who's an incredibly empowered individual, young woman of her time and modern, and the whole setting of the 1880's and it's pre-suffrage, it's pre before we got the vote, exploring how women haven't had the power but she's trying to find her own power also within just growing up."

As today is International Day of the Girl 2020, Celebrity Page presents our #SeeHER Celebrity Spotlight featuring Mille Bobby Brown, Helena Bonham Carter and "Enola Holmes" streaming now on Netflix.

International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child

The International Day of the Girl Child focuses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls' empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights.

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